We offer you information to help you make important decisions to protect yourself, your family, and your business.  We offer you our professional expertise and 30 years of experience in making those decisions.

We focus on Customer Service

As professional insurance agents we help you select the plan that will best meet your needs making sure the planning is within your budget.  As independent agents, we work with all major insurance carriers.  Once you have selected a plan you feel is proper for you, we make sure you completely understand the specific benefits of your policy so you can avoid any later claim issues.  We provide you with complete assistance during the purchasing process.

Once you are a client, we provide excellent customer service to assist you with billing issues, claims, some physician referrals, and other administrative matters at no additional cost.

We review your planning annually to make sure your current protection is still satisfactory for your changing needs and circumstances.

Why use an Independent Agent?

The premium you pay is the same whether you buy direct from the insurance company or with the assistance of an insurance professional.  As independent agents, we advise our clients objectively about the underwriting, benefit coverage, and other differences among the major insurance companies.

We are your advocate, not an employee of a particular insurance carrier.